Over the years I've spent in marketing and brand development worlds, I've come to realize that there are four interwoven elements to any successful visual identity: strategy, design, copywriting, and a web presence. My process combines all four elements.

and why it matters for your business

What is a Sage Fingerprint?

The word "sage" inspires a wise, intelligent, truth-seeking persona, while a fingerprint is a distinctive marking for every person. Sage Fingerprint brands invoke strategy and a unique identity, producing an enduring, impactful brand. 

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I believe that it's my job to make your job easier. The Sage Fingerprint process will equip you with strategy, knowledge, and deliverables to elevate and scale your business.

The Sage Fingerprint Process

Like you, your business has a unique personality. Simply put, brand strategy is the intentional process of discovering how your brand should feel, sound, and look. I’ll help you find out who your ideal customers are, decide how you want them to perceive your business, and explore messaging and visual elements that will accomplish those goals.

You'll receive:

  • A strategic plan for how to successfully target the right customers


Phase I:
brand strategy

After we lay your brand foundation through strategy and messaging, I’ll design a visual identity system that help you present as professional and experienced, establish trust, and lend to a scalable business.

You'll receive:

  • Brand files (logos, marks, marketing collateral, etc.)
  • Brand guidelines (colors, font system, patterns, etc.)


Phase II:
brand identity design

When you scale a business, cohesive design and copywriting go hand-in-hand. After all, if your clients aren't able to clearly understand what you have to offer, you'll miss the opportunity to serve them. Clear messaging is part of your brand!

In this phase, which can be a short sprint or an ongoing communication initiative, we'll build out your website, write and design email content, and bring your communication to life.

You'll receive:

  • A messaging guide and your brand copy
  • Deliverables vary based on project scope



  • A messaging guide and your brand copy
  • Mission, Vision, & Value Exploration
  • Business Naming
  • Tagline Development
  • Service & Product Explanations
  • Website Copy
  • Email Copy

Phase III:
brand MESSAGING & COPYwriting

Every great website is a "front door mat" for prospective clients or customers. When your people find you online, you want them to immediately recognize your team as experienced, relatable, and ready to step in and serve them.

As we develop your new website together, I'll partner with you on site content and an inspiration board. Then, I'll go to work designing the site while you focus on running your business.

You'll receive:

  • Your published website


Phase IV:
WEBSITE design

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